HSM GmbH + Co. KG is an office technology manufacturer from southern Germany, producing document shredders and baling presses. HSM shredders are renowned throughout the world for their finest quality engineering, exceptional price performance, and the widest choice available from any manufacturer. HSM has successfully adhered to Quality as Strategy, and continues to produce all its products in Germany.

Securio Line ShreddersLOL电竞下注-首页

HSM Securio C16
HSM Securio C18
HSM Securio B22
HSM Securio B24
HSM Securio B34
HSM Securio B32
HSM Securio P36
HSM Securio P40
HSM Securio P44

Classic Personal ShreddersLOL电竞下注-首页

HSM Classic 70.2
HSM Classic 80.2
HSM Classic 90.2

Classic Office ShreddersLOL电竞下注-首页

HSM Classic 102.2
HSM Classic 125.2

Classic Heavy Duty ShreddersLOL电竞下注-首页

HSM Classic 225.2
HSM Classic 386.2
HSM Classic 390.3

Classic Industrial ShreddersLOL电竞下注-首页

HSM Classic 411.2
HSM Classic 450.2

Industrial ShreddersLOL电竞下注-首页

HSM FA400.2
HSM FA500.3

Cardboard PerforatorsLOL电竞下注-首页

HSM Profipack 425

Horizontal BalersLOL电竞下注-首页


Vertical BalersLOL电竞下注-首页

HSM V-press 403
HSM V-press 605
HSM V-press 610
HSM V-press 820

Shredder-Baler CombinationsLOL电竞下注-首页

HSM SP 4988
HSM SP 5080

For inquiriesLOL电竞下注-首页

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